Multiple local projects get funding

Congressman secures millions of federal dollars


Congressman Andrew Garbarino announced that he has secured funding for 15 local projects in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which passed last month.

Among the projects the list includes are $3.33 million for the Howells Point Coastal Flood Resiliency Project via the Village of Bellport; $1.5 million for the Brookhaven Sewage Treatment Facility Expansion via the Town of Brookhaven; $5 million for the Smith Point Bridge via Suffolk County DPW; $3 million for the Sisters of St. Joseph Housing Program via the Concern for Independent Living in Medford; $1 million for the GIGI’s Playhouse Real Estate via Long Island Cares; and $1 million for the SCSO Corrections Intelligence Center via the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office.

Village of Bellport Howells Point Coastal Flood Resiliency Project

The Village of Bellport was awarded $3.33 million to be used for a combination of soft (green) and hard (bulkhead/stone) resilient infrastructure along Howell’s Creek to reduce flooding and mitigate damage.

“Long Islanders are all too familiar with the disastrous effects of coastal flooding,” said Garbarino of the project. “This project is vital to Bellport residents to maintain safe access to their homes during flood events, as well as reduce shoreline erosion and protect our waterways by containing contamination that comes from stormwater systems or receding flood waters. The success of this project would mitigate these public safety hazards.”

Not only will the project allow residents safe access to their homes, but it will also create better access to the shoreline. The project will also capture stormwater prior to discharging into Bellport Bay.

"It's fantastic and we have to thank Andrew Garbarino, [Sen.] Chuck Schumer, [Sen.] Kirsten Gillibrand. As you know the project is for addressing coastal flooding and we are thrilled," said Bellport Village mayor Maureen Veitch explaining that it will address three roads including Otis, Thornhedge, and South Howell's. "This is really good for Bellport and all the homeowners."

The timing, she noted, was perfect being that they are currently underway with the creek project in the area. The next step will be conducting and submitting an environmental review.

The Smith Point Bridge Replacement Project

A total of $10 million was secured for the Suffolk County Department of Public Works to complete the project at William Floyd Parkway (County Route 46) over Narrow Bay. The project will replace the existing Smith Point Bridge with a new, high-level fixed bridge built along an alignment slightly to the west of the existing bridge.

The over $100 million project is being funded in part with money from the Federal Highway Administration. This grant will fund the remaining 10 percent of the project.

“With these federal funds, we aim to eliminate structural deficiencies of the poorly rated existing bridge and replace it in order to improve safety, ADA access, mobility, and operations for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists,” said Garbarino.

After the completion of the new bridge, the existing bridge would be removed. The project was previously expected to break ground in 2024, but will now break ground in 2026 with completion by the end of 2028.

“I am thankful to congressman Garbarino for his efforts in securing additional federal funding as it will ease the financial burden on the county,” said Suffolk County Legis. Jim Mazzarella.

Shirley Sewage Treatment Facility Expansion Project

The Town of Brookhaven was awarded $5 million to provide facility upgrades, plus expand the Shirley treatment facility plant capacity by 200,000 GPD. After completion, the town will maintain their ability to treat wastewater while also supporting economic growth.

“Congressman Garbarino understands the importance of sewer infrastructure as it pertains to unlocking economic benefits and ensure a cleaner environment,” said Brookhaven Town supervisor Dan Panico. “The Town of Brookhaven looks forward to working with him to secure funding for a myriad of such projects in the future, and we deeply appreciate his advocacy on our behalf.”

This funding, according to Garbarino, will be used for new tank covers and odor-control systems as well.

“By allowing the completion of this crucial project, the Town of Brookhaven will maintain their ability to treat wastewater, which is essential for ensuring the town’s supply of groundwater and drinking water,” he said. “This project will also help to support the economic prosperity of the community, as the capabilities of the current treatment plant are being quickly outpaced by a growing industrial base that has settled in the area.”

Sisters of St. Joseph Housing Project 

A total of $5 million was also secured for Concern for Independent Living, located at 312 Expressway Drive South, in Medford. The funding would be used to rehabilitate and preserve a multi-story building to construct a mix of supportive and low-income units.

“It’s crucial that we take care of the most vulnerable members of our community,” Garbarino said. “This funding would be used to rehabilitate and preserve a multi-story building to construct a mix of supportive and low-income units and provide additional affordable housing options.” 


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